triangle stool

I’m headed up to the Greenwood Fest next month (Hosted by plymouthCRAFT), and have been dreading having to (maybe) stand up all day… my feet can’t handle it. So, I need a lightweight sit-upon that I can tote around.

I thought that those folding triangular stools with the canvas or leather seats might just be the ticket!

If you want to make a nice one don’t follow what I’m doing… go instead to lost arts press and follow Christopher Schwarz, and get his book on Campaign Furniture which I believe details this type of stool.

I have some nice 1 1/4″ oak rods I’m going to use as legs.


I need to make the triangle swivelly jointy thingy.

I finished the sewing earlier this week while at the Wildlife refuge. (I do volunteer work at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. It’s about 2 miles away.)


be well, count your fingers.




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